Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta

Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta is a magical story about a man named Mark whose estranged Aunt Vivian has passed away and left her estate to him. This includes a Bed and Breakfast in Manistique, which is in the Upper Peninsula on Lake Michigan.

Mark, who lives in Chicago, decides not to open the Bed and Breakfast but rather sell it. But people begin knocking on the B&B’s door and Mark cannot turn them away. It does seem though once you check in, you don’t want to check out, or can’t check or some never check out…

Emily, who is a doctor is his first guest. After hitting a deer on the highway she must wait for her car to be repaired, She shows up looking for a room for one night. Thus begins Mark’s adventure with some pretty eccentric guests. While learning to manage a Bed and Breakfast he tries to learn about his aunt as his last correspondence with her was when he was a teenager. Emily soon begins to realizes she too has a connection to Vivian.

All strangers when they meet, the guest’s lives intertwine under the backdrop of a small cozy town where everybody knows everybody and the pie at Diner 37 is exceptional.

I had the feeling I was not reading a book, but watching episodes of a soap opera sitcom with the fast paced dialogue. It was an enjoyable read. The book will be available October 29.

11 thoughts on “Stuck in Manistique by Dennis Cuesta”

  1. I was so impressed with your review I ran to netgallery to request and found I already had it – yet I don’t remember obtaining it – Score!


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