The Only Woman in the Room By Marie Benedict

A powerful historical story which takes place during Hitler’s reign where women were meant to be seen but not heard.  And where women had no opinions. But one woman who was there only listened and was able to change our world as we all know it today.
This story is about an actress from Austria whose life could have been satisfied by just her fame, fortune and beauty, but because of what she witnessed and could not forget inspired her to be more and do more. This strong woman who faced hardship and loss rose above it all and was able to better the world by changing it.
This little known story is of actress Hedy Lamarr who was born in Austria to Jewish parents, a talented stage actress in Austria, Lamarr marries Fritz Mandl who has ties to Mussolini and Hitler. While entertaining leaders in her lavish castles she is able to gather information on how the Nazi’s planned on invading countries.  Being the only woman in the room, no one took her for anything other than hostess.  But she understood much more than she ever let on.
After fleeing to America and with the War still raging on, she, along with a musical composer no less, are able to take what she had heard and with her scientific knowledge  create a system where torpedoes could go undetected and would be able to hit their target. Yes this is true.  This woman who is known as one of the most beautiful actresses of her time actually had a patent!
Although no one took her seriously because she was a woman she never gave up to get them to listen to her. This truly is an empowering story for all women as well as a testament to their treatment during the 1940’s and 50’s.
I would highly recommend all women and girls (and men) read this enjoyable,  unbelievable account of Hedy Lamarr and her truly incredible life.
The Only Woman in the Room will be on sale January 8.  Special thanks to for the advanced copy.

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