Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

Class mom is a ridiculously funny look at what it is like to be a class mom and what it is like to have to deal with the many personalities involved.

Jen Dixon is an “olderish” mom who led quite the life in her early 20’s and has two college daughters to prove it. Now married, she has a son going into Kindergarten. Having been a class mom years ago for her daughters, Jen is gently “pushed” into being the class mom for her son Max’s class by her best friend Nina. Jen thinks, been there, done that easy! Um…maybe not!

From the hilarious emails she sends to the parents (at least she thinks they are funny) to dealing with a young sexy kindergarten teacher who does not believe in “Hallmark” holidays or parties, Jen is in constant motion. To add to the chaos, her daughters are having their own crisis and her husband has become not so thrilled with her. Anyone who has ever been a class mom can identify with the different parental “personalities” as well as the land mines one has to avoid in order to keep the peace.

I laughed from beginning to end and I look forward to reviewing the sequel, You’ve Been Volunteered, which is coming out in July. @Goodreads #Class Mom

10 thoughts on “Class Mom by Laurie Gelman”

  1. I love a good book that makes you chuckle and laugh, as I’m a mum myself I think I would enjoy this book, great review.


  2. It’s a parent or guardian who assists in usually lower level classrooms age 4 to maybe 11. They have a class list and organize parties, etc. and email the parents or guardians when assistance is needed.


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