A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell


A Stranger on the Beach  by Michele Campbell  is a true psychological thriller with twists and turns which continually play with you mind! 
Caroline Stark seems to have it all.  Money, beautiful things, a loving husband and daughter, but after she meets a stranger on the beach near her house, it seems her life begins to implode.
She finds out during a party she is giving at her beach house that her husband may be having an affair.  Then suddenly she discovers he has moved all their money out of their accounts leaving her penniless.  In a drunken moment, Caroline decides to have a one night stand with a stranger she has met on the beach.  She has seen him staring up at her beach house. Aiden, a local with ties to the police has a history of being a bad boy.
But Aiden does not see their relationship as a one night stand, but as a fallen head over heels love story which will endure the test of time.  As Caroline begins to regret her decision and tries to discourage Aiden’s behavior, Aiden begins to stalk her as well as her husband and her daughter.  He begins showing up in places he should not even know about.  Caroline begins to fear Aiden will hurt someone in her family.
Then during a horrible storm someone IS killed and all the reader’s theories are thrown out the beach house window!  Not everything is as it seems.  How can that be?
Caroline and Aiden tell their stories through his and her chapters and the reader gains their perspective as to how they see or understand the situations occurring.  It is up to the reader as to who to believe more. 
A Stranger on the Beach is a terrific summer read…to take to the beach! Yes, I went there!
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10 thoughts on “A Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell”

  1. I love those thrillers that just turn everything on it’s head and all your assumptions were wrong. Sound like this book was one of them! Glad you enjoyed it.

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