The Waiter by Matias Balbbakken

The Waiter by Matias Balbbakken is a story, perhaps even a tale of the lives of workers and customers at an upscale century old restaurant in Oslo, Norway called The Hills.  The narrator of the story is the waiter who glides us through the ups and downs of the very dignified daily regulars all the while giving us information about himself and all the characters.

The staff of The Hills are known to the reader only as their occupation; Bar Manager, Maitre d’ and Chef, and their customers are known by their names as well as staff’s nicknames for them; Pig, Child Lady.  The waiter’s friend Edgar and his young daughter Anna are regular early bird diners as well.  All are very unusual.

Routine is very important to the waiter who has been serving there for over 10 years.  He knows his customers not really as people, but as what they eat and drink. He is proud to be able to give them what they expect even before they know. Until one day that begins to change. The waiter is thrown off balance and can’t seem to adjust to what he is being thrown into. Words.

An ending which you will wonder and think about, The Waiter was a good read. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you Simon and Schuster and NetGalley for advanced eBook.  The Waiter will be out in October.

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