Dark Sky Island by Laura Dearman

Dark Sky Island by Laura Dearman is the sequel to her first Jennifer Dorey mystery. Although second in the series, I can assure you it can, and should be read, as a stand alone book.

Sark is an isolated small cozy island with 400 residence. The only way to travel to and from is by boat or ferry service, and bikes and tractors are there only mode of transportation due to the rocky terrain. Nothing much ever happens there until human bones are discovered in a cave.

Reporter Jenny Dorey and DCI Investigator Michael Gilbert are sent to the island to investigate, but for some reason no one in this tight community will talk about anything, except they love to gossip about everything. Then a gruesome murder occurs within hours of finding the bones. Could they be related? But how?

Intertwined in the main story is the continuing arc of Jenny’s dad’s questionable death. Charlie Dorey was a fisherman and mysteriously died when he fell off his boat months prior.

On an island in which no crimes occur other than a little vandalism, who could be involved in a killing and why are the locals so silent and who do the bones belong to? This book is full of mystery and surprise. With descriptions of the hauntingly beautiful scenery one can get swept up in the folk lore of the island.

Dark Sky Island is a terrific read which I highly recommend. It’s release date is September 11. 2018. Thank you NetGalley for the e-book.  #NetGalley #Dark Sky Island.

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