Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest by G.L.Davies

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest by G.L. Davies in not for the faint of heart! Which I clearly am!

This book is a true horror story where things REALLY did go bump in the night. Haunted is the prequel to author G.L. Davies’ own experiences in a house in Haverfordwest, Wales in which he stayed and almost died in. His first book A Most Haunted House came out in 2013 and was an e-book bestseller which chronicles his paranormal experiences, depression and drinking problem while living there.

After his book began to get noticed, a couple contacted him and said they had bought and lived in the same house back in 1989 and had similar experiences which nearly broke them up. After getting approval from the current owner of the house who does not actually live there, but rents it out, and under condition that the house and street would never be divulged, Davies confirmed the information of the couple only known as Dai and Anne, and their ownership of the house in the ’80’s. This is their story.

There experiences in the house range from a bathroom which was so cold you could see your breath, to noises coming from different rooms which would leave one to believe there were other people in the house. There is a tall shadow figure who seems to border on demonic who they call “The Angry Man”. Their radio and TV become filled with static for no reason and voices seem to be heard when the radio has this static. There are also visions Anne has of people who they believe to have lived in the house centuries prior and are trapped there.

I don’t want to give away anymore than I feel I should as I believe the reader should experience what the couple does first hand. This story gave me chills while reading it and chills as I thought about it as I walked my own house at night.

Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is just plain creepy! You have been forewarned! The book comes out December 1. Thank you #NetGalley #Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest

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