The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

The Light Over London by Julia Kelly follows two very strong willed and determined women who never knew one another but whose lives interconnect on so many levels. One lived during WWII and the other today. Both have had heartbreak and survived, and come through their sadness stronger afraid of their futures but willing to take a leap of faith.

Louise Keen lived in a small English village in the 1940’s. At the young age of 19 Louise feels trapped in her ordinary life. Afraid she will never experience life outside her village she takes a leap of faith and goes to a dance. There she meets a young Flight Lieutenant, Paul Barton. When his unit is deployed, Louise makes a decision which will forever change her life.

Cara Hargroves has just come out of a horrible marriage and lost both her parents in a terrible car accident. She and her grandmother Iris are the only family left. Still unable to truly deal with her parent’s deaths, Cara decides she needs to start over and she too takes a leap of faith and moves closer to her grandmother and begins work at an antique shop. While sorting through a client’s house, Cara finds the diary of a woman who lived in the 1940’s. As Cara begins to read the diary she begins to realize that no matter what generation you have lived heartache, heartbreak and survival are all the same.

It becomes Cara’s mission to find out who the diary belongs to and return it to its proper family. In the process by reading the diary she begins to heal herself as she takes the life lessons from the diary to heart. What happened to the woman after the last diary entry? Will Cara ever find out?

Secrets play an important role in the story. Some which should be taken to the grave and others which are buried in a different place…deep in the mind and the past.

The Light Over London is a love story, but its more than that. It’s also a story of women’s empowerment and not listening to people who say you can’t succeed. A terrific read!

Thank you #NetGalley #Simon & Schuster #The Light Over London #Julia Kelly for the advanced copy. The book comes out January 8. Don’t miss it!

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