Christmas Caramel Murder by Joanne Fluke

Having just read Fluke’s most recent book, Christmas Cake Murder, and after having had to review some very intense, sometimes depressing books, I decided to look on my own shelf for something light.

Christmas Caramel Murder did not disappoint. Although it was Fluke’s 2017 Christmas book, it was the quick, cozy mystery a book reviewer sometimes needs.

Hannah Swensen, owner of Lake Eden’s cookie store, The Cookie Jar, must try of clear her partner Lisa of a murder in which Lisa’s husband is a suspect himself.

In the meantime, The Lake Eden players are presenting A Christmas Carol at the community theater while Hannah herself is being visited at night by her own ghost.

With so many suspects, I must say it took me much longer to figure this one out!

My only disappointment was in the recipes at the end of each chapter. Usually I enjoy them and have even tried a few, but these seemed a bit more difficult than her average recipe.

Again, just your sweet, cozy read for a rainy day or when your brain is too filled to delve too deep!
I do enjoy the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke.

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