Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald

Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald is a hysterical romp through life while dating and all its hits and misses (or messes) which comes with it. It’s about losing a best friend to marriage and working endless hours at a job that you feel unappreciated. In other words…life!

Charlotte is tired of being alone and single. With her best friend moving out to get married and having to adjust to new housemates, she’s feeling pretty low. Until she comes across a podcast called “Sorry Not Sorry” which challenges single women in each podcast to one exercise in order to improve their love lives. She begins taking the challenges from the mysterious woman who dishes out the advice while telling listeners her own dating mishaps. Charlotte begins to gain a sort of confidence by trying the advice.

During this same time she is faced with losing her best friend due to reasons she does not quite understand and helping her new roommate Tansy navigate a relationship while knowing she is keeping some sort of a secret about her past, all the while desperately trying to keep her job by working long hours and never saying no.

This story is very relatable to anyone who has had to juggle the trials of working, dating and maintaining friendships. It is an uplifting funny story which will make you both cringe yet empathize with Charlotte’s choices.

I cannot wait for the sequel!

Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for the advanced copy. The book will be out on February 13.

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