Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Hopefully you are all caught up in the Hannah Swensen series!

In Chocolate Cream Pie Murder we find Hannah in very unstable condition. Her marriage has been discovered to be a farce and she now must explain to the residence of Lake Eden what has happened and she feels the need to apologize and to make amends. Embarrassed and humiliated Hannah tries her best to pick up the pieces of her life and put the past behind her.

Until she receives a threatening visitor who frightens her to the point that the whole town unites in order to protect her. And then there is a dead body found in her bedroom. Hannah is falling to pieces! So many questions…will Hannah be next? And of course, who is the murderer?

I expected this to be another Fluke cozy mystery which I really do enjoy, but she surprised me with a shocking ending, and I mean SHOCKING!

Once again Fluke adds spice to both her story and the recipes which are included at the end of each chapter. I am glad to see she is branching out from just cookie recipes and including many more full dinner meals. And I love the crockpot recipes as well!

The book is a terrific quick read and all I really can say is please hurry and put out the next installment! I can’t wait!

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder will be out February 29. Thank you @NetGalley @Kensington Publishing @Joanne Fluke for the advanced copy!

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