The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Two things before I start. I was not, nor am I now, a fan of Star Wars. And, I was fortunate to receive a signed copy of Fisher’s last book The Princess Diarist weeks before she passed away.

I have always enjoyed Carrie Fisher as a writer, her one woman shows, her appearances in movies and television, and especially when she would be on the Graham Norton show which she happened to be just a few weeks prior to her death.

With all that said, The Princess Diarist is as funny and insightful as all her other books, filled with her honest opinions and hilarious storytelling. She explains how she happened to find her old diaries one day in her bedroom and began reading them. And then proceeds to show/compare her 19 year old Carrie Fisher to her 59 year old Princess Leia/Carrie Fisher.

The book (and diary) in part relay her secret affair with Harrison Ford during their 3 month filming of the first Star Wars movie in England. A bittersweet relationship with an older man whom she instinctively knew would end when their time in England ended and how a young 19 year old who unbeknownst to herself would be plunged into stardom would need to deal with it all.

She also gives hilarious accounts of meeting rabid fans at conventions and how the dialogue would flow between Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher and her fans.

Sadly, there are many references to her and her mother on passing away which are poignant and heartbreaking, not meant to be, I believe, while she was writing the book, which ironically was put together quickly, all quite significant in retrospect.

A quick funny read which I am sure all Star Wars and Carrie Fisher fans will enjoy. I am just grateful I get to keep the book in my collection forever.

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