The Visitor by Ti Ca

The Visitor is a novella by first time author Ti Ca.

The story opens as Mrs. Langstrom is waiting for her husband Artie to come home for dinner on Christmas Eve to their lovely house and happy life. But all is not as it seems. Is it really ever?

There is a knock at the door and suddenly an unknown visitor is welcomed into the house which he describes as cold with no heat, no electric and no food.

The visitor it seems knows Mrs. Langstrom’s husband Artie. Thus begins the visitor’s story as to how they met, what Artie meant to him and their correspondence through the years to each other. Mrs. Langstrom begins to see clearly what her life was and what it is now.

It is everybody’s family story, one with happiness, sadness and great tragedy.

Thank you Ti Ca and Patritus LLC for the copy of the novella.

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