Banana Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke


This is book 21 in the Hannah Swensen murder mystery series.  I must say things are beginning to heat up in Lake Eden!
I had stopped reading the series at Book 20, but NetGalley sent me the most recent book, Chocolate Cream Pie Murder, and I read that and loved it so much I decided to read the books I had skipped.
In these later books, Fluke has learned the art of surprise and each one’s ending is more exciting than the previous one.
In Banana Cream Pie Murder, Hanna and her new husband Ross have just come home from their honeymoon cruise.  As they try to adjust to married life coincidentally a murder happens.
Hannah’s mother Delores hears a noise coming from her downstairs neighbor’s condo and when she goes to find out what it is she finds her neighbor, Victoria Bascomb, a former actress, now director of the local community theater dead, and next to her is one of Hannah’s Banana Cream Pies. Hannah immediately gets on the case.  Bascomb is the sister of the Mayor of Lake Eden and had a few enemies in the town.
One of her most difficult investigations to date, there seem to be no suspects and Hannah keeps us guessing as to who did it almost up to the last page.  But she saves the last page for even more shocking news!
As usual there are a slew of mouthwatering recipes included after most chapters, something I have decided I look forward to.
The Hannah Swensen series is not rocket science, but just an enjoyable romp into the world of cozy mysteries.  I am glad I have decided to join Hannah again.


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