Montauk by Nicola Harrison

fullsizeoutput_41f6In 1938 Beatrice Bordeaux and her husband Harry begin a summer of adventure in Montauk, a new and developing seaside area the rich are flocking to near Long Island in New York.  They are spending the summer, Beatrice there full-time and Harry taking the train there for weekends.  Harry is deciding if he should invest in the beautiful seaport all his friends with money are investing in.  Beatrice will spend the summer relaxing, attending parties, shopping and going to the beach.

Beatrice and Harry have been unable to conceive a child during their 5 year marriage, something which has been an embarrassment for her, but also something she wishes for desperately.  She also hopes the summer will  bring her relationship with Harry back to what is was.  They seem to be drifting apart.  But when Beatrice discovers some unsettling information about her husband, she must accept some harsh realities about their relationship.

While in Montauk, Beatrice meets and befriends Elizabeth, a laundry worker for the resort they are staying in.  She begins to feel her life of fancy dresses, parties and shopping are nothing compared to the tireless work ethic of the locals.  And although there is all this talk about investing, she realizes the locals are the ones who are truly in need of some money.

And then she meets someone who will change her life forever.  A man she never dreamed she would be interested in. Someone she becomes attracted to for so many reasons.  Perhaps even her soulmate.

Now Beatrice must make some decisions.  Decisions that were unheard of in those days.  What should she do…what CAN she do?

This is a beautifully written love story with believable characters and incredibly written majestic scenic passages with imagery that makes you feel you are there.  It was quite the page turner with my heart leaping for joy and pounding from suspense.  It possibly could be one of the best love stories I have read in quite awhile.  Although I have yet to go to Montauk, with this book I feel like I have finally been!

Thank you #NetGalley #St. Martin’s Press #Nicola Harrison #Montauk for this incredible advanced copy.
Montauk is on sale right now.

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