It’s Not You It’s Him by Sophie Ranald

thIf you enjoyed Ranald’s last book, Sorry Not Sorry, you will truly enjoy her new one, It’s Not You It’s Him.

Ranald has brilliantly taken one of her characters, Tansy, and created a moving story of love, loss, lack of self-confidence and body image and tied it in a bow with humor and hysterical scenes.

Tansy has just broken up with “the love of her life” Renzo.  Blaming herself for not being a better person, someone who would deserve his love and affection, she along with her roommate devise a scheme in order to win him back.  Tansy decides she needs a fake boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Josh a frenemy from high school, not especially a favorite time in Tansy’s life, comes to London and stays with her.

All the while Tansy is trying to keep her job, help her mother make ends meet and assist a young upcoming designer which makes for a very chaotic life.

The story shows how some women will take just about any kind of verbal abuse from powerful men who they feel are superior to them and blame themselves.

It also traces those episodes in one’s past life which we all have and can relate to where there were nasty words said, embarrassments in front of others and horrible tricks played,  Those emotions can not only hurt when they originally happen, but can last your lifetime.

It’s Not You It’s Him is a very powerful story about women who begin to learn at all ages how to take back the power they have lost and begin to put themselves first.

Bravo Sophie Ranald!

Thank you #NetGalley #Bookouture #SophieRanald #It’sNotYouIt’sHim for the advanced copy.  The book is out right now.


1 thought on “It’s Not You It’s Him by Sophie Ranald”

  1. That’s an important message. Whenever you learn to stand up for yourself and sometimes even walk away, your life finally becomes yours. Thanks for sharing this book. Great review, Lisa.


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