The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted by Robert Hillman



All Tom Hope wanted was to tend to his sheep farm in Australia and please his wife.  Unfortunately his wife could not be pleased.  She leaves, and Tom being the patient, caring and understanding man, waits for her return.  Which she does.  Only to leave him again for good which breaks his heart.
Then a mysterious woman named Hannah comes to town via Hungary.  She is the total opposite of Tom’s ex-wife.  She is spontaneous, affectionate, smart and motivated.  She decides she wants to open a bookstore in the rural town and asks Tom to build some shelving.
But Hannah has had her own heart broken.  A survivor of the Holocaust, she has witnessed loss and hate.  These two polar opposites begin to fall in love. Tom who is not book savvy at all begins to read books Hannah suggests to him.  And thus begins a relationship of survival.  And just like it seems highly unlikely a bookshop could ever succeed in this small town, is it possible they ever will?
Can these two wounded souls ever find the happiness they both deserve or will their pasts continue to haunt them?  Are they even capable of getting the happy ending they both deserve?
Please visit the Bookstore of the Broken Hearted by Robert Hillman.  You will not be disappointed!
Thank you #NetGalley #G.P.Putnam’sSon’s #TheBookshopoftheBrokenHearted #RobertHillman for the advanced copy.

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