Trust Me by Hank Phillipi Ryan

9780765393074.jpgMercer Hennessy was a reporter who loved her job and her family.  After a tragic loss she withdrew from the world.  But when her former editor calls and asks her to write a book about the trial of the century, Mercer decides it may be good for her.

A mother, Ashlyn Bryant has been accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter whose body was found in a washed up in a garbage bag on the shore of a beach in Boston, MA.  As Mercer follows the trial and writes her book she is positive Ashlyn has committed this horrendous crime and will pay for her actions. How could she not?

Until the verdict comes in.  When Ashlyn is found not guilty everyone is in complete shock.  But when Mercer’s editor calls her and tells her Ashlyn would like HER to write a book about what really happened, she must put her feeling aside and trust that Ashlyn will tell her the truth.  But as they sit and talk, Mercer realizes Ashlyn’s story seems to change on a daily basis.  And as time passes Ashlyn has Mercer so confused not only about the murder, but even that Mercer’s family could easily have been involved.  Something is not right and Mercer knows it.  But she also begins to doubt herself.

Who really killed the young girl and why is Ashlyn trying to manipulate Mercer?  Who really can be trusted?

Trust Me is a terrific psychological thriller which keeps you guessing as to who the real killer could be.

Everyone seems to have something to hide…trust me…

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