Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane

untitledA truly heartbreaking story about two families whose lives are torn apart by a horrible incident.  It showcases the importance of receiving assistance for mental health as well as alcoholism.  Although the story takes place when these issues were not spoken about or even really understood, it speaks volumes as to what people went through years ago.  It also shows how the many current studies conclude these types of diseases could be hereditary.

When two young NYPD officers move their families into Gillum, a small city in New York, they had no reason to believe their family’s lives would forever be changed.  Francis Gleeson and Brian Stanhope were rookies when they both found themselves living on the same street.

Francis and his wife Lena had three girls, one named Kate.  Brian and his wife Anne had a son named Peter.  Kate and Peter were born six months apart.  They grew up being best friends until middle school when a tragic event occurred which not only changed both their lives, but separated them physically.  They were unable to see or talk to each other.

Years later, Peter and Kate make the decision to meet again and against all odds fall in love.  But can their love survive their families and the demons which both come back to haunt them as well as those which are discovered.  With so many secrets, will they be able to be strong enough to forgive and forgive each other.

Ask Again, Yes is an incredibly moving story in which the reader roots for the characters and yet feels their desperation when they stumble. I highly recommend it.

Thank you so much to Goodreads and Scribner for the free advanced copy.

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