The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda

thLittleport Maine is a beautiful scenic town where people come to vacation during the summer.  But to the locals the town is divided into the haves (the rich) and everybody else.

Avery Greer is a local who lost her parents in a tragic accident when she was young.  She was raised by her grandmother until she died.  Then things changed.  Avery met Sadie Loman, whose father Grant owned most of the town, but especially most of the summer rental properties.  They took her in as if she was one of their own and Sadie became her best friend.  With Sadie as her best friend and Sadie’s brother Parker watching out for her, she finally felt like part of a family.  She suddenly found herself a “have” and lost touch with her other friends.

Avery and Sadie became attached at the hip.  They wore the same clothes…well, Sadie’s clothes, they had the codes to each other’s phones and spent all their time together.  They could complete each other’s sentences. Avery began working for the Loman’s as their summer rental manager. Avery was promoted. Life was good! Until Sadie died.  Her death considered a suicide.  Avery blaming herself thinking how could she not have seen or known something was wrong?

A year passes and as Avery continues to work for the Loman’s, strange things seem to be happening at the properties.  Then Avery accidently discovers Sadie’s phone.  Before giving it to one of the detectives who worked the case, Avery finds suspicious photos on the phone which sends her on a tail-spin mission to find out what really could have happened the night Sadie died.

What she begins to discover is her best friend had secrets.  Could someone have killed her?  What really happened to Sadie?

The Last House Guest, a Reese Witherspoon Hello Sunshine Book Club pick has so many twists and turns your head will spin.  And the ending will make your head explode!  This is a true nail biter of a story with curve balls you never see coming A book which you won’t be able to put down! Get it. NOW!

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