Dear Girls by Ali Wong


Comedian Ali Wong has been a hilarious stand-up comedian, a writer for Fresh Off The Boat, as well as an actress.  Now she can add writing a hysterical memoir to her list of accomplishments.
Dear Girls is an incredibly funny, heartfelt, sometimes raunchy, love letter to her two daughters, both of whom make appearances in Wong’s two Netflix specials (she is pregnant in each special), the first Baby Cobra (with daughter Mari) and Hard Knock Wife (with daughter Nikki). Each chapter starts out Dear Girls and then Wong proceeds to give her best advice such as not to go to knock-off Vietnamese restaurants, to how their dad once took her on a romantic date watching YouTube videos of Adele.
She gives us a look at her college years of drinking in excess to falling in love (not with their dad).  She takes us on an eating tour of Vietnam along with meeting some of her relatives as she tries to find out about her Vietnamese roots. She comically explains how she played the C-section card with her husband having to have a C-section after 24 hours of labor.  According to Wong, she did not change a diaper the first month of her daughters life!
She tries to explain to her girls how she slept with two homeless men (accidentally) but they turned out to be really good dates!   We get to learn how she landed her husband Justin a Harvard Business School graduate and how they got married (at City Hall) and how she found her dress (on E bay)! Did I mention he was a Harvard Business School graduate?
But as funny as the book is, it is as much a love letter to her dad whom she adored and who passed away and whom she misses terribly, and to her mother who has been an incredible help since the birth of her children and to all her relatives and friends.
This book will make you laugh and cringe (at the same time)! It will make you root for Wong (and all women), and will teach you about cultures and where not to eat! The Afterward, written to their children by her husband is just an extra bonus to quite an enjoyable book!
Thank you #NetGalley #RandomHouse #AliWong for the advanced copy.  The book will be out October 15.

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