The Widow of Pale Harbor by Hester Fox

thSophronia Carver is a wealthy widow who lives in a castle with her elderly maid in Pale Harbor, Maine during the 1800’s.  She has not left her house since her husband died.  Seeing as the whole town has accused her of killing him, and thinks she is a witch, she does not want to show her face and incur anymore of their wrath.

Gabriel Stone is a widow who has come to Pale Harbor as their new minister.  After losing both his wife and child during childbirth, Stone made a commitment to his late wife to become more spiritual. Hence his new found interest in religion.

Sophronia and Gabriel’s paths cross and there are instant sparks which does not go over too well with Sophronia’s maid Helen who feels she must be the only protector of her employer.  Having cast spells on Sophronia before, she starts again to use her powers to assist her.

But the town is being bombarded by dead ravens and other eerie happenings which are being attributed to Sophronia.  She tends to ignore the talk, until the murders begin.

Townspeople are being killed by someone whose motives have been inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s stories.  Each murder is one of Poe’s tales come to life! Then both Sophronia and Gabriel begin to get mysterious notes. They begin to work in tandem to try and find out who is doing the killings and why.

In a town where it seems everyone is hiding a dark secret, who could be doing the killings and what does Sophronia have to do with it all? And why are they using Poe as their blueprint?

The Widow of Pale Harbor is more than your average cozy mystery.  A great read for Halloween, it has murder, love and the macabre which holds the reader spellbound.

Thank you #NetGalley #GraydonHouse #HesterFox for the advanced copy.

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