The Confession Club by Elizabeth Berg

th A group of women from a small Missouri town agree to a monthly meeting to confess intimate stories of their lives which they have never told anyone before.  They decide to call themselves the Confession Club.  What begins as a way of unburdening themselves, turns into a group of women who help and support each other as they divulge secrets some have kept hidden away for years.

The cast of characters gives you that small town community feel, where everybody knows everyone’s business (mostly) and the gossip can be spot on, or misleading.

Iris is a divorced woman who teaches baking classes in the town.  Lonely and still heartbroken she meets a man, John who himself is tortured by his own sense of loss.

Maddy and her daughter Nola live in New York with Maddy’s husband.  Maddy decides to take Nola back to the town because she yearns for that township feel, but is afraid her husband will not agree, so instead of discussing this with him, she runs back to her past.  Maddy’s young daughter Nola is the sage of the group, happily doling out her innocent yet profound advice to them all.

And of course there are the funny quirky characters you will find in any small town whose adventures (and confusion) keep the reader amused!

With humor, love, sadness and determination, the women of the Confession Club not only come together to teach each other with their advice, but their lessons of letting go of guilt can be learned by anyone who reads this beautifully written story.

My one caveat would be that Iris’ recipes should be included! My mouth was watering during each club meeting!

Thank you to #NetGalley #RadomHouse #TheConfessionClub #ElizabethBerg for the advanced copy.


1 thought on “The Confession Club by Elizabeth Berg”

  1. You don’t see too many stories where ‘confessions’ lead to good things. Usually it’s the exact opposite. Sounds like an uplifting story. 😊🌺☘

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