Husband Material by Emily Belden

OIPCharlotte Rosen is single, has a terrific job as a social media analyst and is in the process of developing a new dating app based on mathematical data.  Every decision Charlotte makes is based on what the math data shows.

Until one day she receives an urn with her late husband’s ashes.  A husband she has told absolutely no one she had. And Charlotte’s world begins to spin so out of control that not even her data can help her.

She must now face his death once again, and all the emotions and feelings she suppressed for so long. Not only must she open up to people about being a widow, but she must deal with the rationale as to why she has kept it a secret.

On top of all the sadness and shame she has to deal with, she also has to revisit her not so pleasant relationship with her ex-mother-in-law in a showdown as to who should keep her late husband’s ashes.  Until that decision, Charlotte just takes him with her wherever she goes.

And to complicate her life even further, her late husband’s best friend whom she has kept at a distance since her husband’s death years ago reappears, along with a secret which it seems everyone has been keeping from her (including her late husband) which has thrown everything she believed about her marriage into question.

Charlette must learn to love and trust others again as well as forgive and let go of all the guilt she has felt and try and move on in her life.  These problems unfortunately cannot be fixed by a math algorithm, but only by the heart.

Husband Material is a sensitive yet humorous story of death and the way one woman tries to process it without quite processing it.  It’s about trying to compartmentalize a part of your life only to find out you can’t really have a life until you open that door to truly become free.

Thank you #NetGalley #GraydonHouse #HusbandMaterial #EmilyBelden for the advanced copy.  The book comes out December 30.

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