The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters

OIP When four young girls spend their summer talking about death and murderers and conjuring up a Red Lady in the basement of an empty house…what could possibly go wrong?

Heather and Becca were childhood best friends who even wore Best Friend necklaces. They spent every day and sometimes nights together.  The girls had so much in common.  They both enjoyed reading true life crime novels, with Ted Bundy being a favorite.  They also read horror novels by Stephen King.  With their friends Gia and Rachel they even formed a Dead Girls Club where they would discuss books and serial killers.

Although they were kindred spirits, Heather and Becca’s family lives were not similar all.  Heather had parents who loved her and she could talk to about anything.  Becca’s mother on the other hand was a single parent who was an alcoholic and severely beat her, something Heather was aware of but had promised her best friend she would never reveal.

But their lives took a sudden turn that summer when Becca introduced a story about a Red Lady into their lives.  The Red Lady was an angry spirit who had been murdered ages ago and could be conjured up and had strong powers.  Strong enough Becca said that she could raise the dead.

Then Becca was killed.

Flash forward thirty years and Heather, who is now happily married and is a child psychologist, receives a rusted Best Friends necklace in the mail.  The half of a necklace which Becca had on the night she was killed.  And Heather’s life and world begins to fall apart.

No one in Heather’s life knows what happened that summer year’s ago.  It is a secret she has kept buried all this time.  The only other person who knew what occurred was Becca and she is dead…or is she?

As her world begins to spiral out of control, she discovers someone is watching her and even breaking into her house.  Heather begins to become obsessed with reliving her past. Still unable to ask for help, she begins to investigate on her own. Could the Red Lady story from so long ago which she had discounted as fake have really been true? If so, is Becca back?

The Dead Girls Club is a sensational psychological page turner with a hint of horror story and ghost story.   Once you pick it up you won’t want to put it down.  And the explosive ending is something you will not see coming.

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