Coconut Layer Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

OIP This is Book 25 of the Hannah Swensen Mystery series.  For those who have not read all the books, especially the last two or three, please note there are spoilers in this review.  Proceed with caution!

This story finds Hannah, a recent widow, totally exhausted and drained from current events.  Trying to put her life back together she and her mom fly to Los Angeles so she can assist a friend who is moving to Lake Eden.

While soaking up the sun she receives a frantic call from her sister.  Michelle’s boyfriend Detective Lonnie Murphy has been accused of a crime.  In a town as small as Lake Eden where everybody knows everybody, and their police force being a small group, they all needed to recuse themselves from the case because they know Lonnie. So in steps Hannah and her investigating skills to save they day!

Lonnie has been accused of murdering a woman in her home. He wakes up on her couch after spending the night prior at a bar drinking with some of his friends.  The only problem is Lonnie can’t remember what happened the night before.  He only remembers waking up and discovering her lifeless body in her bedroom, (with a coconut layer cake on the kitchen table).

It’s all up to Hannah to try and piece the puzzle together alone (but with helpful clues and assistance from her friends).  In the meantime, its seems the mystery of Ross, her late husband, continues to haunt her as she finds strange objects he owned and he kept hidden prior to his murder.

The Hannah Swensen Mysteries are like visiting with an old friend you’ve known for a while but only see maybe once or twice a year.  Always happy to see and hear from them, always greatful to catch up and see what’s been going on, always enjoyable, and they always come with delicious food suggestions you want to try.

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