The Love Scam by MaryJanice Davidson

When super wealthy Rake Tarbell wakes up in a very bad state in Venice…Italy, not California, unable to remember how on earth he got there and missing his wallet and cell phone he thinks perhaps he may have a problem.

Thus begins The Love Scam where love is all in the family! And so is hilarity! Rake wakes up only to meet a mysterious woman named Claire Delaney who immediately introduces him to his (gulp) young daughter Lillith, whose mother he does not really remember!

And in true comedic flair we begin to learn Claire has secrets she does not want Rake to know and Rake has secrets he does not want Claire to know and both have secrets they don’t want Lillith to know and Lillith is keeping her own set of secrets, while all rooming together in a shabby, not up to Rake’s standard, hotel room.

Rake, whose accounts seem to have no money in them anymore must work for Claire by putting together Easter Baskets in order to make enough money to buy a cell phone in order to call his twin brother Blake to find out what is actually going on.

When he finally reaches Blake and finds him without any money, Rake decides to use the never used before “nuclear option” which Rake and Blake have saved for a major crisis. Unfortunately for the reader, we must wait to find out exactly was this option is and when we do the fun continues!

In the meantime, Blake and Claire seem to be getting along a little too well, Lillith has pulled on Rake’s heart and oh, there are men who are trying to kidnap them!

This is a fast-paced clever, witty story about love and family and nuclear options worth triggering! It is the second book of a series, the first being Danger Sweetheart, but no fears, I had no idea there was a first book and it made absolutely no difference to how much I enjoyed The Love Scam!

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sPress #MaryJaniceDavidson #TheLoveScam for the advanced copy.

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