The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty

The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty was not what I expected. It was so much more! I was surprised by the elements of both the suspense and mystery the book had. It was a well-written story about secrets, lies and betrayals. The changing narrative made the story even more enjoyable and intense.

Joni, Deb, Trina and Eden have been friends since they were children. Even when Eden had to unexpectedly move away for her father’s job for six months, their bond could not be broken.

As the years passed and the girls became women and their lives began to change what with careers and babies and husbands, although close, they were not able to see each other as much. So when Joni puts a beach weekend together for them just like they use to do everyone is excited and pleased.

During their first night, while reminiscing about the past and drinking way too much a suggestion is made for each to write anonymous letter with a secret they never revealed to the group. The letters would be read and all would have to guess which friend the letter belonged to.

What starts out as a fun idea begins to go terribly wrong when secrets which should never have seen the light of day are exposed. From a hidden pregnancy to a friend’s crush on another friend’s husband, the letters begin to tear the group apart. And of course no one knows whose letters are whose. They can only guess.

Then late one night Joni finds the remnants of a fifth letter in the fireplace which was supposed to have been burned. But it was not, and although the whole letter cannot be seen, the parts which can are extremely disturbing. One of them hates one of the friends so much that they have thoughts of harming them. With this information at hand, how does she proceed?

Best friends tell each other everything right? So when secrets begin to spill out about jobs, children and husbands, how can they reconcile their relationships? Is it too much for their friendships to continue? But more important, who wants to harm one of them and who do they want to harm?

With an explosive ending The Fifth Letter is a wonderfully suspenseful story about friendships and how they endure and change and how past secrets can come back to haunt not only the keeper but everybody else.

Special thank you to Goodreads and William Morrow for the free copy of the book.

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