First Date by Sue Watson

First Date is an intense psychological thriller on steroids with one shocking revelation after another culminating into an explosive ending!

All Hannah wants in life is to fall in love and settle down with someone. She wants her happily ever after. Unfortunately, most of her relationships end badly with some such as her last being very bitter.

Through her best friend’s prodding, she decides to join a dating app and seems to strike gold on her first pick. Alex, her date, is a lawyer, wants the same number of children, even the same type of dog! His work compliments her work as a social worker. They both had somewhat bad childhoods and can relate to one another on so many levels.

They have an immediate connection and he invites her over to his house for dinner. During dinner, although still smitten, Hannah sees perhaps a few tiny cracks, but chalks them up to getting to know someone new.

On the other hand, Hannah’s friends and workmates seem to feel she is jumping into this relationship too quickly. Perhaps she should slow down. But Hannah truly believes he is the one. It doesn’t matter that he possibly has hidden a few issues from his past relationship from her. She herself thinks her ex-boyfriend could be stalking her so she somewhat understands. Hannah chalks it up to being in a new relationship and not wanting to mess things up. Or maybe he is just trying too hard.

But then Hannah begins to run out of excuses for Alex’s very odd behavior. She finally admits to herself, something her best friend has been constantly telling her, that she could be dating someone who is a bit crazy. And now not only are her friends concerned, but she is as well!

When strange this begin to happen to Hannah she becomes convinced that not only is Alex not her dream boyfriend, but possibly a sociopathic stalking nightmare! It seems he wants her all to himself and will go to any length to have her. What has she gotten herself into?? How on earth does she get herself out?

As First Date races to its highly unanticipated, jaw-dropping conclusion, we can only hope Hannah will come out of this experience with better intuition as to who her next boyfriend should be.

Thank you so much #NetGalley #Bookouture #FirstDate #SueWatson for the advanced copy.

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