A Surprise Christmas Wedding by Phillipa Ashley

Get your PJ’s on, make some hot chocolate (with marshmallows), sit in your most comfy chair and enjoy this extremely tender, warm love story, A Surprise Christmas Wedding!

As we meet Lottie who has just started a new job as an event planner in the Lake District, we only know she and her former fiancee broke up the year before leaving her heartbroken. At the same time, Lottie found out her sister, a single mother raising twins discovers she has cancer. As Lottie stepped in to help her ailing sister, she was never really able to process exactly what had gone wrong in her relationship. But now as she is beginning a new job in the village she grew up in, Lottie’s excitement for her future grows.

As the Christmas season nears, her boss puts her in charge of planning a last minute Christmas Eve wedding. But when she is finally introduced to the happy couple, she discovers to her horror that the groom is none other than her ex-fiancee Connor. As they both realize this could be a horribly awkward situation, they choose to pretend they don’t know each other. Which both angers Lottie and confuses her as to why he ended their relationship but seems eager to marry now.

From there, the story grows into lost love, perhaps new love, and of course everything that could go wrong, going wrong! As Lottie treads carefully with wedding plans for someone other than herself, she finds herself having feelings for her next door neighbor Jay, a man who himself has been hurt by love and is not willing to make another commitment. And with her sister’s check-up approaching to see if she is cancer free, Lottie has a great deal on her plate.

As secrets begin to be exposed, and Connor perhaps still having feelings for Lottie and this Christmas Eve wedding occurring during an unexpected snow storm, how will it be possible to pull off the perfect Christmas wedding? Or perhaps the wedding was never meant to be.

If you are looking for a cheerful Christmas story perfect for this time of year, look no further! A Surprise Christmas Wedding by Phillipa Ashley will put you in the holiday spirit!

Thank you #NetGalley #HarperCollins #ASupriseChristmasWedding #PhillipaAshley for the advanced copy.

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