This Is Not A Ghost Story by Andrea Portes

This really is not a ghost story, but…it is as creepy and close to one as you can possibly get! This is not a love story, but…it is as heartbreaking as any story can possibly be.

This is a story of a young girl, looking to put the past behind her to hopefully evolve into a better future.

The story is told to the reader by Daffodil Franklin, a young woman who will be attending college this coming fall. As other seniors take their summer before college to enjoy friends and relax, Daffodil finds a job working in order to support herself in school. But something happened to Daffodil which she will not tell us. She calls it the thing that cannot be said.

She finds an incredible job babysitting a huge house for the summer for a professor who needs to be out of town. There is construction going on and he would like someone to house sit and make sure all goes well. And the pay is incredible.

But from the moment she steps into the house she feels like something is off. From strange workers, to a friend of the professor’s who seems to pop in anytime she likes, everything seems a bit unsettling. Perhaps she doesn’t belong there. Why did she take this job? But the bottom line, she needs the money and can’t leave.

Then things go missing and missing things show up. Perhaps the house is angry at her for some reason. When these strange occurrences begin to happen Daffodil shrugs them off as old house syndrome. This house does have quite the story behind it. But when these unusual irregularities begin to creep into her dreams, she tries to explain them away as still being upset about the thing she will not tell us.

The longer her stay in the house, the more bitter the house becomes, and Daffodil begins to not know what is reality and what is hallucination. Perhaps in anger the house wants to swallow her up. But why?

And with the astonishing conclusion when we finally, finally discover what the thing is she will not say, we come to many realizations about Daffodil, the workmen, her life and the house.

An incredible page turner.

But…this is not a ghost story, I promise…

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