The Lost Manuscript by Cathy Bonidan

The Lost Manuscript is a beautiful uplifting story about a manuscript accidently misplaced and all the people whose lives were changed or inspired after reading it, including its own authors.

Told in letters, the story begins when Anne-Lise Briard finds a manuscript tucked away in a drawer in the hotel room she is staying in France. She finds a name and address within its pages and sends off a letter. She immediately falls in love with the story in the manuscript. She soon gets her reply by mail from the author who tells her he lost the manuscript over 30 years ago, but never completed the story so is unsure as to who or when the manuscript was completed.

Anne-Lise intrigued by the mystery makes it her mission to track down who finished the manuscript and how it ended up in the drawer. With few clues and a little help from old and new friends she begins a journey which will take her all over France, London and beyond.

During her investigation she will learn the manuscript has changed hands many times. How the power of the story and the way each person found the manuscript and how reading it affected them, giving them the strength they needed to endure lost love, heartaches and heartbreaks, new love and past love.

Along the way she too gains strength from their stories, some which were never suppose to be told, while learning how sometimes true love never dies, but is capable of finding its way back to where it always belonged.

The conclusion to this cleverly written book will both satisfy you and will certainly bring you to tears as the long journey of the lost manuscript falls into the hands of its rightful owners and finds its way home.

8 thoughts on “The Lost Manuscript by Cathy Bonidan”

  1. Merci beaucoup pour cette belle critique de mon livre et pour les réactions si sympathiques de vos lecteurs !
    Amitiés à tous 😘
    Cathy Bonidan

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