The Family Plot by Megan Collins

The Lighthouse family knows everything there is to know about murderers and serial killers. They were home-schooled by their mom. She had been obsessed with true-crime since her parents were murdered. Hence her children are named after murdered famous people. They are proficient in how murders occurred as well as placement of the murder victim’s body. This is how the Lighthouse children grew up. So needless to say, living on a secluded island where everybody knew everybody and where a serial killer was murdering young women, the family was a bit notorious.

Dahlia Lighthouse knew her family was different and did not fit in. How many families have the sheriff of the community constantly in their backyard with a flashlight? But the children stuck together until they were of the age to be able to leave the island. Then they moved away. Except when Dahlia left, she had to leave alone. Dahlia had a a twin, Andy who had promised they would leave together. But on their sixteenth birthday Andy disappeared, leaving a note. Dahlia was heartbroken that he left without her. So when Dahlia was able to leave the island, she spent all her time and energy trying to find out where her brother had gone and why he left without her.

So when Dahlia’s father dies and she has to return to the island, she hopes to find Andy there. Instead as they dig up the family plot where the father is to be buried, they discover a body. It is Andy. Her twin. Her other half. How could she not have known he was dead? Who killed him all those years ago and why?

As the police begin to investigate Andy’s homicide, the Lighthouse children begin their “normal” mourning routines when someone is killed. They build diorama’s of the murder with placement of the body, they prepare for their usual memorial museum of the murdered person. Normal stuff.

Dahlia goes about trying to solve her twin’s death. Suddenly she finds clues which may also uncover who the serial killer may have been all those years ago. She also discovers a part of Andy’s life she never knew existed. That is when the mystery turns even more gruesome. Is it possible for a family who are so far away from being normal learn to come to grips with a life of lies they all lived?

But just when the reader thinks they have the story figured out, the surprises come. One after the other, until you are left with a shockingly unpredictable conclusion. The Family Plot is the most intriguingly entertaining, morbidly enjoyable, plot twisting story to come along in quite awhile. Think Adam’s Family meets the Zodiac Killer. Deliciously different.

Thank you #NetGalley #Atria Books #MeganCollins #TheFamilyPlot for the advanced copy.

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