Bad Luck Bridesmaid by Alison Rose Greenberg

Getting friends down the aisle should be easy right? Well not for Zoey! The third time should be the charm…well, maybe the fourth!

Zoey Marks has been a bridesmaid for three of her friends over the years. Unfortunately, none of them have actually made it down the aisle! Zoey is pretty sure she is the reason. She swears she will not only never marry but will never be a bridesmaid again!

But then Zoey’s lifelong best friend Hannah introduces her to her cousin Rylan and all bets seem to be off! She falls in love…hard! So, when she knows Rylan is gearing up to ask her to marry him, why does she start sweating? She loves him with all her heart, but why does forever have to come with a document and a panic attack?

Then they break each other’s hearts, neither understanding the other’s reasoning as why they can’t have a traditional life together. She has now lost the love of her life.

Next Hannah drops a bombshell on Zoey. After dating a man, she sat next to on a plane, Graham, for only three months they decide to marry. And of course, if goes without saying that Zoey will be her bridesmaid, and oh by the way Rylan will be attending the wedding which is taking place in Ireland at a castle! Graham’s family it seems is well off.

But not everybody is happy with this arrangement including Hannah’s mother and Graham’s brother Ezra who seems to think none of this makes much sense. Zoey herself is confused as to how Hannah could know this man, unquestionably gorgeous, was the love of her life after only three months. Granted her fiancée looks at her with adoring eyes, but even so.

And during the wedding weekend with Rylan showing up with a plus one, Ezra constantly giving Zoey a hard time about Hannah being a gold digger and trying to sabotage their relationship and then to Zoey’s confusion Rylan declaring his love for her once again, could this wedding weekend get any worse? Why yes, it can!

Will Hannah get her happily ever after even though Zoey knows her back luck is beginning to seep into the festivities? Will Zoey finally realize what she wants for her ever after? And will it include Rylan?

Many life lessons will be learned in this funny, insightful, enjoyable romp of a story where friendships and love will be tested but hopefully for Zoey, she will see her bad luck change, although back luck in hindsight may actually be good luck!

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sGriffin #AlisonRoseGreenberg #BadLuckBridesmaid for the advanced copy. The book will be out in early January.

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