The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix

Lovers of movies such as Halloween, Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street…listen up! You will definitely want to add The Final Girl Support Group to your to be read pile! This story reads as if you took all the gory slasher films you’ve ever read, mixed them with the heroine’s psychological problems after the tale ends, added humor and mystery and voila this is their story!

Lynnette Tarkington is what is called a final girl. Years ago, she witnessed her whole family and her boyfriend being killed by a lunatic. She was the only survivor. She is not the only final girl. There are a handful of them, and they are famous, but not in a good way. They seem to attract the crazies. For years they have gotten together once a month to sit and discuss their problems with Dr. Carol, a therapist who herself became famous because of the group.

But it is hard for the group to cope with real life and the fear always exists that someone will try and kill them again. For Lynnette, she has been preparing herself for years. Then one of them is killed and the can of fear worms opens up. Then Lynnette is targeted and takes off leaving the life she thought she had planned which would protect her. But she sees now that the killing of one of them was not isolated. Someone is out to kill them all. Who and why now?

She realizes someone has been plotting against her for a very long time, even getting information from what she thought was a very secure computer. But none of the other girls believe her when she tells them what is happening. They seem to think she is just being her very paranoid self.

Lynnette decides she must try and figure out who is trying to kill them and stop them. But who can she trust? She can only trust the other final girls. But as she seems to get closer to the truth, none of the others will have anything to do with her. And Lynette will find not everyone, and everything is what or who they seem. Can this final girl save the other final girls from their final movie scene…death?

The Final Girl Support Group is filled with gore, fear, mystery and is quite funny and enjoyable! Or perhaps I have just watched too many horror films!

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