Lockdown on London Lane by Beth Reekles

This building on London Lane will never be the same!

This morning, the occupants of the London Lane building each received a note under their doors which basically said someone in the building has been diagnosed with this new mysterious virus and in order to prevent the spread within the building there will be a 7-day quarantine. No one is allowed to leave the building, and no one is allowed to enter.

This adorable story follows some of the tenants in the building who are now “stuck”. The question becomes which of the tenants’ relationships will survive the week!

Isla and Danny have been dating for a month. Danny has never seen the “real” Isla, who is very routine oriented, does not cook, and hides trinkets when Danny comes over because she doesn’t want to embarrass herself. Now Danny must stay there for the week! Isla’s first thought is how on earth will she poop? Can she hold it for a week? Still in their honeymoon phase, will Isla be capable of keeping the charade up, or will Danny find the real Isla impossible to live with?

Ethan and Charlotte live together and love each other. Sure, Ethan sometimes takes Charlotte for granted, but they are happy. Ethan is a video influence blogger and Charlotte has always supported his job. Charlotte was not home at the time of the lockdown. She was actually downstairs coming home from a weekend at her parent’s house when she was told she could not come in. Will absence make the hearts grow fonder, or will out of sight out of mind win the day?

Imogen finds out about the quarantine as she is trying to sneak out of the apartment of her can’t remember the name one-night stand’s apartment. What on earth will they do for the week? How will they ever survive when they don’t even know each other’s last names?

Zach and Serena have lived together for four years, although their friends and families said it would never last! They have always been on different shifts, so their time together had been limited. Now, they are in their tiny apartment together with nowhere to go. They are just not use to so much togetherness. And well, there is Selena’s sudden realization that Zach likes pineapple on his pizza! Could this be the deal breaker?

Liz loves living alone, but her weekend has been anything but quiet. She hosted a bridesmaid weekend party for her best friend which included other friends of the bride, some of which she did not even know. Now not only are they making a mess of her small apartment, but they are beginning to get on each other’s nerves. Then the bride hears that her fiancée thinks they should postpone the wedding and well…

Lockdown on London Lane is an enjoyable, fun, laugh out loud read when you have a few hours to spare, or perhaps, when you find yourself quarantined!

Thank you #NetGalley #WbyWattpadBooks #BethReekles #LockdownonLondonLane for the advanced copy.

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