Double Twist by Stephanie Rowe

Double Twist is a delightfully witty, fast paced whodunit with incredibly likeable characters whose hair-raising schemes trying to solve a murder to prove their friend innocent are priceless.

Mia Murphy has been through the mud. After two years in hiding for turning her now ex-husband, a drug Kingpin no less and his family into the FBI she is ready to start a new life. She decides to change course and buy a marina, although she has no idea what it entails, which she finds for sale in Bass Derby, Maine, as far away from her past as possible. Along with her she takes a “borrowed” cat named King Tut, the closest thing she has to family considering her mother has been on the lam for years.

Mia quickly gets into trouble when someone hits her car, and she is blamed for ruining a very important town sign. Who knew a sign could be so important as to almost get her arrested! When she finally arrives at her new “home” she finds a dilapidated, smelly, old marina which she finds out has been vacant for about ten years. Boy, can pictures be deceiving!

Her only solace are the two women she meets immediately. Harriet is the elderly owner of the cafe which sits on Mia’s property. Mia is her landlord and Harriet seems to feel she should pay her rent in meals rather than money. Lucy is the new mail carrier on her route who is quirky, but likeable, with baton twirling skills no less!

When the three women decide to go on a retrieving expedition of property from the ex-husband of one of them, something Mia really does not want to partake, but you know, new peer pressure, they are surprised to find him dead and someone fleeing the scene.

As the clues all seem to point to the ex-wife, the women begin to believe she is being set up, and as much as Mia insists she has left her old life behind, she seems to be the only one with the logic and common sense to figure out who is the real murderer. So she decides to help train her two new friends in the art of snagging a killer. But unfortunately not only is Mia schooled by a few low-life’s, a very handsome officer and jet-skiing moose, she finds she herself in danger of being killed.

Some quiet peaceful town she picked! Will the women be able to solve the crime before one of them gets put in jail for a very long time? And who is trying to drive Mia out of town and why? Only Mia Murphy’s luck could have her evade assassins for two years only to be stalked buy a pack of smelly moose!

Double Twist is an enjoyable, funny story with a unique plot and eccentric characters. A can’t put down book you will read with a smile on your face from start to finish.

Double Twist will be out on May 3.

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