The Candy House by Jennifer Egan

Written in Egan’s poetic conversational prose, this novel takes the reader on a transcendental ride around the world and into the cosmos. We are introduced to characters who are separate, yet cleverly intertwined in ways one cannot imagine.

Throughout the story we learn about these eccentric individuals, their good, bad, happy and completely messed up lives. But don’t fear! There is humor sprinkled into the memories of these individuals whose age range consists of babies to the elderly to the ageless.

Bix Bouton owns a company called Own Your Own Unconsciousness where people are able to download and share their memories to look at themselves or to transfer to others. It is these memories the reader is able to glimpse as the narrative progresses. The story questions the validity of technology as to whether there is harm in too much advancement versus the simpler life of less complicated times.

Egan’s mastery is shown in the way she is able to work the character’s personalities separately, but then show how they are connected through each other. The reader begins to see a plot and story emerge rather than being given what will happen at the beginning.

The Candy House is a satisfying, interesting, heartbreaking yet funny story told magnificently through an imaginative art of technology with superior characters and their tarnished flaws which are certainly relatable.

Thank you #NetGalley #Scribner #JenniferEgan #TheCandyHouse for the advanced copy.

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