Misadventures in the Screen Trade by Alison Ripley Cubitt

Alison Ripley Cubitt has lived quite a full, brave life for her young age. She has had to overcome personal tragedies and sexism but has also been able to find love and succeeded in breaking her own personal glass ceiling.

At her first job as a receptionist with male bosses who don’t really give her due credit proves you really do have to start somewhere, but Alison takes this experience and moves forward accepting jobs along the way which take her hours of commuting to get to, enduring a long-distance romance and tolerating higher ups who feel they have only their own careers to worry about. But Alison endures.

Her time in Italy, where at a moment’s notice the banks decided to close down and she could not access her money and had to eat pizza for a month until she was able to get back into her account would have made some just go home. I don’t even think that crossed her mind, as it did I might say, to me…

She finally lands what she feels will be her dream job with the Disney Company. On her first travel assignment with them she must endure not only incredibly cold weather, difficult employees but a few public relation nightmares which would have many others give up, but Alison weathers all the storms, even with a boss who perhaps wishes she were not there. She came into the job which touts the happiest place on earth slogan with such high expectations, but unfortunately, she could see the writing on the wall.

But, instead of quitting, she picks herself up and pursues other creative avenues to continue with her career. And thus, she goes from a receptionist to many other jobs, to getting a degree and working for the BBC.

If that was not enough, she created an acclaimed documentary, and has written several books solo and with her now husband. The stories within the book are an example of a determined woman who looks at life as a series of challenges and rather than feel defeated, she learns and grows and succeeds.

Thank you #Alison Ripley Cubitt for sending me a copy of your book! I can’t wait to see where life takes you next!

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