Island Time by Georgia Clark

Island Time is a humorously warm and quirky family love story which embraces two very different families who must come together and try to get along and endure a vacation for the love of their families.

First there is the Lee family. They are very proper and unrelaxed Americans whose daughter has married an Australian woman. The young couple is in the process of planning to have a child. Neither parent really wants to be there. They are extremely routine oriented.

Then there are the Kelly’s. They are a boisterous family who like to fight with each other, but in the end would kill for each other. They unfortunately are all going through changes. The parents are in the process of separating, unbeknownst to their girls, one of which is married and about to start IVF but has been having second thoughts, and one who planned this Australian getaway so the families could meet the man she is sure she’s going to marry.

But what was to be a week’s vacation has turned into an utter disaster, literally! Due to a volcanic eruption on the secluded island off Queensland, they are now stranded for six weeks until help will be able to get them home.

So now these two families, who know so little about each other, and two employees of the resort who just happened to have still been on the island must somehow unite, be friendly and tolerate each other for what seems like hell in paradise!

And of course, during these torturous days of having to pretend, secrets are discovered, tears are shed, decisions are questioned, love is found, love is lost AND there is bird watching bonding! All this in six hilariously rite of passage life changing weeks in which no one will go home as the same person they arrived.

Island Time would be a wonderful beach read as the reader could literally be listening to the waves and sipping pina coladas as they read about the Lee and Kelly (mis)adventures in their own tropical paradise, and root for the underdogs and feel all the love which is found.

Thank you #AtriaBooks #KatelynPhillips #IslandTime #GeorgiaClark for the advanced copy.

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