Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley

Sugar and spice and falling in love is the sweet premise of the lovely story behind Fake It Till You Bake It, a funny and warm hearted plot with a delicious ending!

When Jada Townsend-Matthews goes on a reality love show and is proposed to by the perfect guy on television and she says no, her life turns into its own reality story as she becomes one of the most disliked women on social media and in person.

After this episode, one of many missteps in Jada’s life, her grandmother who owns a football team gives her one last chance to figure out what she really wants to do with her life and ground herself or she will not be able to gain access to her trust fund.

As much as her grandmother believes in her, her own parents feel quite differently. You see, Jada comes from a hard-working science-based family who owns a lab. Jada, who is dyslexic has always had a hard time in school and was not able to follow in the family business.

So, she has tried many other careers such as DJing, working as an actress and finally her most embarrassing career, as a reality star. Her parents have had enough of her antics and have cut her off financially. She must now find a job and pay her own bills.

Enter Donovan Dell, hunky professional football player and co-owner of an up and coming, struggling cupcake bakery called Sugar Blitz. Begrudgingly and as a favor to Jada’s grandmother, his boss, he agrees to give Jada a job at his bakery. Jada is not a baker.

Things turn from bad to worse when she is recognized by a customer as that woman who dumped that doctor on television. That’s when with her quick thinking she devises a scheme to get her reputation back. A plan which throws Jada and Donovan and the bakery into chaos. Antics soon ensue but Jada thinks she has everything under control until she finds out she has a few enemies who would like to see her fail. But Jada may surprise everyone and come out of this smelling like a fresh vanilla!

This adorable story is a definite beach read filled with lighthearted witty dialogue and a charming love plot which, if I may suggest being read with your favorite treat, perhaps a cupcake!

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sPress #FakeItTillYouBakeIt #JamieWesley for the advanced copy.

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