The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Katherine Center has always been a favorite writer of mine. Her wisdom and emotional stories have satisfied me for years. But with The Bodyguard, Center seems to have found a different writing style and voice and it is incredibly entertaining! The adorable story, rooting for the underdog, quick and snarky dialogue which seems to make you fall in love with all the characters, well, most of them, is perfect. And I loved it!

Hannah Brooks looks like an ordinary no make-up wearing plain Jane who wears pants suits and cuts her own hair, (when she remembers). Someone who would not be noticed. Ever. Which is good because if you cross her, she can kill you with her bare hands, or a bottle opener which she carries on her person, somewhere. Hannah works for an exclusive Executive Protection Agency. It is an elite private bodyguard company. She is a bodyguard. A good one.

But having just lost her mother, she is told to take some time off. Something she doesn’t know how to do. Always series and by the book, Hannah does not know what the word relax, or rest even means. When she begs for a job to keep her mind off her life which seems to be suddenly blowing up on her, her boss gives her one. She says no… next. He says take it or leave.

So, Hannah finds herself as the bodyguard to a superstar, hunky, adorable, muscly actor named Jack Stapleton. But there are a few problems. Jack, whose mother is sick, and he is going home to their ranch in Texas does not want his family knowing that his off again on-again stalker, a woman who breeds corgis for a living is trying to track him down. He is not looking forward to the visit because he and his brother hate each other, and oh, he does not want his family to know he has a bodyguard, so they are to pretend to be a couple. Something which most of Hannah’s office finds delightfully hysterical.

Considering the threat level is low, and Hannah has been promised a plum assignment if she accepts this job, she agrees. She thinks she will be in an out and in Korea in days. Alas, she is wrong. As problems begin to heat up in Jack’s family and with Jack and Hannah who both could win Oscars for their acting skills, Hannah finds herself attracted to a family life she never saw or had growing up. But just when Hannah thinks she is free and clear of whatever her mind is trying to tell her, everything changes, and all is not fun and games anymore. As a matter of fact, they become deadly.

The Bodyguard is a charming story about a woman with a mind of her own, who does not care what others think of her, who takes on any challenge (even wearing a sundress), to protect her clients even if it means she could die. Along with the sassy exchanges and terrific comedic timing throughout the story, this book is a winner!

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sPress #KatherineCentter #TheBodyguard for the advanced copy.

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