The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post by Allison Pataki

Marjorie Merriweather Post, heiress of the Post Cereal conglomerate was a brilliantly strong woman way ahead of her time with her ideas which launched so many incredible businesses from frozen food, building Mar a Lago, opening soup kitchens for the homeless and using her yacht to transport medicine during wartime. She was also the first woman to ever sit on a board of directors.

Although she was a trail blazer, who amassed an incredible fortune which was first started by her father, someone she adored, but in the end caused her incredible pain and anguish, there was one thing she was never good at and that was love and marriage. Be it her incredible power or her money, for some reason the men she picked to fall in love with were in the end unable to deal with her mastery. They were never capable of handling her status, so they drank too much or cheated on her. She tried and failed four times, to marry with each failing for different reasons, something which would haunt her forever.

But even with the many marriages, one to a diplomat who was sent to Russia, a cold and barren place, Marjorie was still able to make lemons out of lemonade and make the most of their time there and entertain and make everyone fall in love with them and the United States. A lover of all jewelry, especially trinkets with gems, large gems, she was able to amass a fortune of everything Faberge and would end up with quite the collection.

But some happiness came out of her marriages. She had three girls whom she adored! They were absolutely her proudest achievements! And they adored her as well and learned from her how to be strong and assertive in a man’s world.

Her incredible life was a true rag to riches story but so much more. She never took for granted what she had and real happiness for Marjorie was when she was able to share her wealth or help someone. It will most certainly amaze the reader what comforts we all have today thanks to Marjorie’s incredible imagination and her stubbornness to never take no for an answer! Although she may have been unlucky in love, she was a triumph in business and loved by many for her philanthropy.

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