City Of Likes by Jenny Mollen

City of Likes is a satirically mocking yet unfortunately incredibly realistic look at what a super hold social media has on some mothers and how that potential can affect people’s lives, decisions, marriages and ethics.

When Megan Chernoff, an unemployed married mother of two meets Daphne Cole, an infamously famous social media influencer of everything…style, kids, dog food and she takes a liking to Megan and introduces her to the tips of the trade of influencing, Megan, her children and her marriage will never be the same.

As Megan thinks she has hit the motherload, learning from the best of the best as to how to use social media to her advantage and become popular, her popularity with her family begins to suffer. You see, in order to be the best, you must always be a media wizard, whether that means using Instagram to post a new pancake or new shirt. It means locking yourself in the bathroom on Thanksgiving while your family eats, and you try and grab some new followers by posting Turkey.

As her obsession with social media grows and so does her need to be the best, Megan begins to take the lessons she’s learned from the master (Daphne) and try and get her child in the best possible school. So what if there is a bit of embellishment, or perhaps fudging the truth a bit, getting her son into the prestigious school will give her access to more freebies and more followers.

As her life is taken over by likes, her family begins to fall apart. And when she makes the decision to go to Paris with her mentor, even though her husband can’t really take care of the children as he is in the middle of work commitments, what could possibly go wrong! As she throws caution to the wind to be more well-known, Megan begins to see and feel the not so pretty side of being famous.

As everything begins to blow up in her face and she quite possibly could lose her husband and children, she begins to see in Daphne as a person she does not want to become. But is it too late to put her family back together?

Although City of Likes is a very funny, sarcastic look at social media, it is also a sad story to warn those who spend so much time on social media that although they may be enjoying the Instagram “high” of followers they will never meet, there is a real life waiting for them with real people which believe it or not is so much better.

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