Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle

Just Like Magic is a wonderful story which all Christmas junkies should read to put themselves in the holiday spirit. It’s so funny, heartwarming and well…just magical!

Bettie Huges had it all! An influencer who had money to buy anything her little (and I mean literally little) heart desired. She was also the creator of products which would (or should) do wonders for you. And then everybody found out she was just a fraud and she lost it all.

Now, she is living in a small town in a dead woman’s house with no money right before Christmas, the very holiday in which her very wealthy family including her movie star mother, her diplomatic father, her sister who is a famous model, and her brother who is an actor and producer all try to outdo each other by giving the most outrageously, expensive unusual gifts or feel the wrath of shame.

As Bettie drinks her embarrassing life away, she ponders, how did she get here? Not looking forward the next week of staying at her parents with all her siblings, she decides to get herself somehow into the holiday spirit by of course playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You. But in her drunken stupor she accidentally plays the record backwards. That’s when she sees a very handsome yet quirky man appear in from of her whose name is Hall and he explains he is there to make all her wishes come true so she can find joy in the season.

But when she wakes up, she thinks, boy what a dream, until she finds Hall waiting for her so they can begin their holiday journey. And when he proves to her he really can make her wishes come true, Bettie sees a way of being the envy of her family by wishing for the most outlandish items for them. No one will be able to top her! She will win!

So, she concocts a plan to take Hall with her to her parent’s house and introducing him to everyone as her fiancée. At first, they don’t believe anybody could fall for Bettie. But their time all together begins to be something very different than they are all used to. Something begins to happen to them all. The petty jealousy, selfishness, competitiveness and apathetic family begins to see and feel differently. Hall seems to be creating some kind of Christmas miracle! He is innocently giving them the Christmas they never could have imagined.

And as they all begin to get along, with Bettie even changing her mind about the extravagant gifts she has wished for like Amal Clooney’s engagement ring, she asks they be returned. Bettie starts to become happier, which is the whole reason for Hall’s visit. But with that knowledge comes the fact that as soon as Bettie’s joy meter is full, it will be time for Hall to leave, something they both begin to feel they don’t want to happen.

But too soon it’s time for Hall to move on. Something he and Bettie have dreaded. Unfortunately, his job has been accomplished. He must go back to wherever he came from. But Bettie is not sure what will happen to her when they finally have to say goodbye. Her life has changed, she has changed so much thanks to him. What will she do?

Just Like Magic is such a delightful feel-good read with so many funny pop culture moments thrown in you will find yourself laughing out loud and smiling up until and including the ending!

Thank you #NetGalley #G.P.Putnam’sSons #SarahHogle #JustLikeMagic for the advanced copy.

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