Confessions of the Other Sister by Beth Harbison

Confessions of the Other Sister is a powerful story about family, misguided jealousy and secrets between two sisters and the unfortunate trauma it takes to heal their souls.

Frances Turner is a chef to celebrities. She lives in L.A. and really wants to become an actress, but it seems the only thing she is good at is cooking and auditioning. She is a very organized person with an organized life and plans…for everything, accept when her employer tells her she is moving to Palm Springs and invites Frances to go with her. But if Frances goes, she knows she will never become the actress she knows she can be.

Crosby Turner, Frances’ sister, is a bestselling author who lives a glamorous life in New York City. She buys the best of everything and doesn’t worry about where the money will come from because she is rich, rich, rich! Until her accounts tells her she is poor, poor, poor and she better come out with another best-seller if she wants to survive! Unfortunately for Crosby, she has had a bit of writer’s block for years…probably too busy enjoying her lifestyle! But when an offer comes from a singer Crosby grew up loving to ghostwrite her memoir, she thinks she’s hit the jackpot. But there is a catch. She would have to go to L.A. to do the interviews and ugh, her sister lives there.

Frances and Crosby have not been very close for years, even when they were children, they both seemed to vie for their parent’s attention and have been competitive ever since. When Crosby stole Frances’ boyfriend during high school, well that sealed the deal for her. So, when Frances finds out Crosby will be coming to her neck of the woods, needless to say she is not too thrilled.

As the two try and get along things don’t seem to be working out so well. Neither can understand why the other is so hurtful. Crosby really can’t afford to be here and finds out she rented a dump. Then she realizes the musician she admired all those years ago it a bit of a scatterbrain. Frances must choose between following her dream, or the security of a job and when she is asked to put her sister in contact with someone she has auditioned for she must decide if she wants to do that fearing her sister’s vibrant personality will push her out of the running for the part.

But when an unexpected tragedy occurs, which will change their lives forever, they must somehow come together and put all their past grievances aside and reconcile. They must attempt to listen to each other and heal their grievances. They must become the sisters they never really were.

Confessions of the Other Sister is a witty look at sibling rivalry, a heartbreaking story about all the time which was lost due to misunderstandings, and a hopeful story of learning to not only be siblings, but friends.

Thank you #Goodreads #WilliamMorrow #/BethHarbison #ConfessionsoftheotherSister for the advanced copy.

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