Built to Last by Erin Hahn

Built to Last is an adorably funny look at a group of former teen heartthrobs who grew up together on a television series, had crushes on each other (some first loves), made some mistakes then went their separate ways years ago. But they never stopped thinking about each other. Some were missed, others, not so much! Sometimes we must leave those we care about behind in order to grow and learn about ourselves before we can find a way back to what we had. This story is a wonderfully heartfelt example of how love can prevail, no matter what the circumstances.

Years ago, Shelby Springfield was a child actor/singer who had it all and then unfortunately had a horrible breakdown. Her mom, her manager, was absolutely no help and added to Shelby’s pressures. But what made her situation worse was when the love of her life, fellow actor Cameron Riggs left for college, Shelby decided to date another actor. Unfortunately, that turned into a nightmare as he broke up with her after cheating with her best friend and THEY wrote a song about Shelby’s break-up which became a hit.

Totally traumatized at the time, she reached out to the only person she knew would understand, Cameron. But even though he rushes to her side, what she really wants he can’t give her for fear they both will regret it. And that was the last time they saw each other.

Ten years later, Shelby has cleaned up her act, works with her father building and refinishing houses and furniture. She is sober and has left her previous life behind. Cameron works as a documentarist for a company called Nat Geo and travels around the world.

When they both get a call from the ex-boyfriend, Lyle that there is an offer for the trio to get back together with Shelby and Cameron working on a pilot for a reality DIY show where they find a house and redo it, with Lyle being the showrunner. Shelby is not interested but knows the money would certainly help her dad, so she hesitatingly decides to say yes. Cameron, who has never stopped caring about Shelby jumps at the chance to work with her although he knows nothing about building and refinishing in order to try and make up for what happened the last time they saw each other.

Of course, Shelby and Cameron must try and work together without bringing up the past, and Lyle seems to be a terrible instigator who wants to cause drama between them for the sake of the project. Is it possible for Shelby and Cameron to be able to try and get back what they had years ago, even though some would like nothing more than to cause them heartache and embarrassment.

Built to Last is a wonderful, romantic, witty and fun read! I look forward to a sequel!

Thank you #NetGalley #Griffin/St.Martin’sPress #OliverWehner #BuilttoLast #ErinHahn for the advanced copy.

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