A Hard Day For A Hangover by Darynda Jones

A Hard Day For A Hangover is the third and sadly final installment of the Sherriff Sunshine Vicram series. But it certainly does not disappoint! It still captures Sunshine and the gangs incredibly witty, smart dialogue, with the mystery and intrigue of the other books. The incredibly quirky characters from the past stories are also included with some even having shocking revelations. But the laugh out loud dialogue makes these books hard to put down.

In this installment, Sunshine and her high school aged daughter Auri, who seems to be developing her mother’s talent for solving mysteries, in which Sunshine seriously explains to her daughter who wants to be an FBI agent that one of the requirements of being an agent is that she be a virgin, or they won’t take her, are caught up in some of their own family drama. Just who is Auri’s father, and when and how should Sunshine tell her. How will Auri take the news? In the meantime, she and Levi Ravinder and his nasty family, must navigate what comes next.

The story opens with a girl being found unconscious at the bottom of an embankment. No one seems to know who she is or where she came from. Auri takes it upon herself to investigate without her mother’s knowledge. In the meantime, with a Ravinder family prison break, and one of the towns people getting stabbed with a knitting needle, Sunshine seems to be running in circles.

The police station is still under raccoon attack as they have been unable to capture the unofficial deputy of the department even though he continues to wreak havoc on the place. And with all this going on Sunshine and Levi have finally decided to stop playing games and get serious with each other.

With another girl going missing, work is just not that much fun anymore. Auri gets too close to the truth and danger begins to unravel all around Sunshine. The ending will change the town as well as the lives of Sunshine and her family forever.

The Sunshine Vicram series has been one of the funniest mystery series I have ever read with terrific plot twists, odd characters and although I am devastated the series has ended, the final installment for those Sunshine fans will be the page turner they wished for and the ending they always wanted.

Thank you #NetGalley #St.Martin’sPress #DaryndaJones #AHardDayForAHangover for the advanced copy.

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