The Things We Do To Our Friends by Heather Darwent

The Things We Do To Our Friends is a diabolically evil story about “friends” and the manipulation used to get what they want no matter what the cost. The pressure they put on each other, the jealousy towards each other yet the inability to care for each other and most importantly how they are able to hurt each other in the name of “friendship”. But when is enough, enough? When do they go too far? And then what happens when they begin to turn on each other.

Clare has just come out of a pretty horrible period in her life. She has left her family, not by her choice, left who she believed were her friends all due to circumstances she created. She is hoping this move to Edinburgh, Scotland to go to college will wipe her slate clean. She wants to start again, meet people like herself. Move on.

Then she meets Tabitha, the alpha of a group of college students. She sees how Tabitha is able to manipulate her group of friends, Samuel, a childhood friend, Ava, her second in command and Imogene, a hanger on. She finds herself drawn to Tabitha. And Tabitha begins to manipulate Clare, even trying to make her into her own image. Clare is thrown into this clique and enjoys not only the comradery but also the secretiveness of the group.

But when Tabitha suggests they all work together on an enterprise she has created, Clare needs to be convinced. You see, she has some secrets from them. She is very unsure she should participate for fear of repercussions. But she finally relents and becomes embroiled in this new “job”. She soon realizes that what this entails is dangerous to others but especially to her and her life. But trying to get out of Tabitha’s grasp could mean death and Tabitha will do just about anything to keep Clare in line.

What will happen if the pact these friends have made dissolves? They all know so much. Will Tabitha destroy each one of them? How can she be stopped? Can she be stopped before she destroys them all.

Heather Darwent’s story is devious, fiendish and filled with psychological trauma which makes for an incredible can’t put down read!

Thank you #NetGalley #Bantam #ThingsWeDoToOurFriends #HeatherDarwent for the advanced copy.

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