The Hunter by Jennifer Herrera

The Hunter is a complex story about the residence in a small town, secrets both in the present and the past, fear of love and death. People in small towns can hold many secrets for many years. But inevitably, they will come back to haunt those who kept them. Some are so horrible, that it can wear on the people keeping them. Others will die trying to figure them out.

Detective Leigh O’Donnell has left her husband abruptly. Suspended by the NYPD she has been offered a job in her hometown of Copper Falls, Ohio. Her brother, a police officer in town has put in a good word for her. He will be her partner. Although tempted to return to a place she has not visited in over a decade, she has to decide if she will be able to handle the many memories, both good and bad of her time there. Her uncles live in the house she grew up. They are still there. But the most tempting reason to return is because three men were found drowned and their deaths could possibly be homicides.

So, she packs up her young daughter and tells her estranged husband she is going on a vacation back home to see her family. As Leigh tries to adapt to the way policing is done in her small town, for example, checking on some of the elderly residents in the morning, but never alone, always with a partner, she tries to adjust to their pace. But the mystery of these three men, found dead, who seem to have drowned, yet their bodies have no bruises has heightened her intuition that something does not make sense.

As she starts to investigate, she begins to learn not only about the three men who died, but coincidently three men who died years ago. Is there a connection? As she delves deeper, she realizes something has been going on in this town for years. Were these victims intentionally hunted and killed? By who? Or were they all suicides as everyone in the town seems to believe.

But as Leigh is trying to make sense of what is happening in town, she also must deal with the fact that she left her husband and according to her daughter he seems to have wasted no time in replacing her. She does not know how to deal with this information as she is still pining for him.

The Hunter is a story with so many twists and turns and secrets both horrific and scandalous that you will voraciously read this juicy tale and be glued to the pages as you will be continuously surprised by what happens in a small town and what the residence must do to survive.

Thank you #NetGalley #G.P.Putnam’sSons #Jennifer Herrera #TheHunter for the advanced copy.

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